Italy Mapei teamed up with American Baritech and Guangzhou Mingfeng to conduct "Mapei Self-leveling Cement Decorative Surface Paste 517" at the 2017 Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition.

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Italy Mapei teamed up with American Baritech and Guangzhou Mingfeng to conduct "Mapei Self-leveling Cement Decorative Surface Paste 517" at the 2017 Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition.

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In the past, people thought that concrete was the main material and could not be used as a decorative surface. However, concrete has become popular in recent years. Using the original appearance of concrete as the interior of the building can express the coldness and primitiveness, but also reveal the natural warmth. Concrete is like a monochromatic palette, no matter what materials and decorations it matches, it feels very special.


Concrete is inherently heavy and elegant, which cannot be imitated or matched by some modern building materials. Through the hands of the designer, concrete appears noble and simple, and is known as a low-key luxury.


May this year


Italy Mapei teamed up with American Baritech and Guangzhou Mingfeng

At the 2017 Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition

Carry out "Mapei self-leveling cement decorative surface paste 517" practical demonstration.

In this practical operation, Mapei provided the world-renowned product "Self-leveling Cement Decorative Surface Paste 517", Barritech provided the world's advanced construction equipment, and Guangzhou Mingfeng arranged engineering personnel for on-site construction.


Mapei quick-setting cement self-leveling decorative surface paste 517 is a cement-based self-leveling product with high strength, environmental protection, A-level fire protection and rich colors. The product itself or with a variety of different overlays and different construction techniques can form a series of natural effects, polishing effects, grindstone effects, etc., which are widely used in underground garages, industrial plants, exhibition halls, museums, etc.


Blastrac is a company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of mechanical mobile surface treatment engineering equipment. The products mainly involve various types of self-recycling shot blasting equipment, diamond grinding equipment, small milling equipment, polished concrete grinding equipment and supporting vacuum cleaners and other supporting products and tools.


Guangzhou Mingfeng is a professional construction company engaged in the field of integral ground engineering, focusing on the construction of concrete dyeing, inorganic grindstone, and cement self-leveling integral ground engineering. It has won the title of "Top 20 National Construction" for two consecutive years. In the first large-scale construction display of the Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition in 2016, the on-site concrete dyeing display became the biggest highlight of the year.


The combination of strong and powerful presents wonderful.


2017 6th Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition

Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall (1000 Xingang East Road, Guangzhou)


May 12-14, Hall 2, T17

Guangzhou Mingfeng is looking forward to your visit.

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