Goodbye, 2016. Hello, 2017

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Goodbye, 2016. Hello, 2017

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Time is like a book
Year is the cover
Month is page number
Day is the article
I have a story
Do you have wine

Good rain knows the season, when spring is here

Beijing branch won
The iconic colored sand pressed sand floor project in the pharmaceutical industry
Confirmed Guangzhou Mingfeng as the designated brand and successfully completed



The high-performance polyurethane mortar floor system was successfully completed
The first summer is still peaceful, and the grass has not stopped


Guangzhou Mingfeng
Attend the industry brainstorming summit forum to discuss the development trend of floor
Won the top ten excellent floor brands
Participate in the real estate developer product matchmaking meeting
On-site demonstration of concrete dyeing floor technology


Beijing Branch
Another epoxy sand-pressing floor ended successfully


Successfully signed a contract with an international trade city in Hunan
Take down a commercial floor
And construction
Silver candle autumn light cold painting screen, Qing Luo Xiao fan fluttering


Special appointment of Guangdong Stone Industry Association
Our company Mr. Yan and Mr. Lian are the first batch of special lecturers of the association
The autumn moon shines brightly, and the winter mountains show cold pine


Guangzhou Mingfeng as the vice chairman unit of Guangdong Floor Association
Invited to participate
Guangdong Flooring Association Annual Meeting
China Building Materials Federation Floor Industry Branch Annual Meeting
Won the "Golden Concrete Award" Excellent Floor Builder of China Flooring Association
Top 20 construction companies in China's floor industry


Shenzhen University Xuefu Hospital
Modified polymer inorganic creative grinding stone overall ground system
4F was successfully completed

Guangzhou Mingfeng Building Material Co., Ltd. and its team worked hard to build
Casting boutique, perfect ending
Fight for a year

Mingfeng gradually changed from
Transition from traditional epoxy floor to high-end overall floor project,
And successfully completed a number of projects, and received perfect praise from the owner.
Several commercial integral ground projects were successfully completed
Involving hotels, villas, specialty stores, personal customized luxury homes
Mingfeng products must be fine products.

On this winter night, with the approach of the New Year’s bell,
We are reluctant to say goodbye to the busy and fulfilling 2016 and usher in a hopeful 2017.

Looking back on 2016, looking forward to 2017

Guangzhou Mingfeng
look up to the sky
down to earth
Step by step towards the distance
Steady and firm
The golden rooster reports the dawn, I wish you all a good rooster year
Opportunity changes like a god
Good luck and good luck
Lucky Star
Love proud
harmonious family
Love proud
All wishes come true
Give crazy for love, hurt a little in dream
To protect my faith and become stronger

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One ride on the mountain, one ride on the water Walk towards Yuguan.
The preparatory meeting of the Sports Material Professional Committee of Guangdong Floor Association was held at the headquarters of Changhe Group. Our general manager Yan Zhifeng was invited to participate in the meeting
On the afternoon of January 17, 2017, the preparatory meeting for the Sports Material Professional Committee of Guangdong Flooring Association was held in Guangzhou Marketing Center (Conference Room) of Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. More than 30 business representatives attended the meeting. Our company Yan Zhifeng The general manager was invited to participate in the meeting.
Goodbye, 2016. Hello, 2017
Time is like a book, the year is the cover, the month is the page number, and the day is the article. I have a story, do you have wine?
What you want is necessary, Guangzhou Mingfeng Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition, waiting for you
The 6th China (Guangzhou) International Flooring Industry Exhibition Guangzhou Poly World Trade Museum 2#, 4# (1000 Xingang East Road, Guangzhou) attracts floor associations in southern China and all provinces and cities across the country.