The space of meditation----the overall ground system of inorganic grinding stone in Six Senses Hotel Qingcheng Mountain

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The space of meditation----the overall ground system of inorganic grinding stone in Six Senses Hotel Qingcheng Mountain

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Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas is a health and hotel group known for its inaccessible and natural nature. It is good at integrating local nature and culture and blending perfectly with the local environment. It has created a unique "Six Senses" guest experience, which is widely praised.

The Six Senses brand is synonymous with unique style-purity, individuality, sustainable development, and natural harmony with the environment.

Six Senses Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

There are currently 10 Six Senses hotels and resorts operating worldwide. In the future, there will be more Six Senses...

1. Six Senses Malolo Island
Six Senses Malolo Island Fiji
Pearls of the South Pacific

2. Six Senses Zil Pasyon
Six Senses Felicity Island Seychelles
Six Senses' first private island hotel

3. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay·Nha Trang, Vietnam
The combination of Nha Trang, a seaside town in central Vietnam, and Ninh Van Bay with turquoise waters, a fusion of food, play, rest, and tranquil vacation

4. Six Senses Koh Samui
Six Senses Samui · Thailand
After all, it’s on Koh Samui, after all, it’s a beach resort and it’s cost-effective

5. Six Senses Con Dao
Six Senses Con Dao·Con Dao, Vietnam
An almost secluded vacation experience in southern Vietnam, far from the earthly islands

6. Six Senses Yao Noi
Six Senses Yao Noi · Phuket, Thailand
Being in Phuket, it beats Phuket; easy to reach, but so beautiful that it’s hard to breathe...

7. Six Senses Laamu
Six Senses Laamu Maldives
Different from your last Maldives experience

8. Six Senses Zighy Bay
Six Senses Sieg Bay Oman
When the stone house meets the Middle Eastern style...there is half desert and half blue

9. Six Senses Douro Valley
Six Senses Douro Valley Portugal
The first European hotel in Six Senses, a new and fresh style

10. Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain
Six Senses Qingcheng Mountain Chengdu, China

The first non-beach resort

China's first Six Senses resort


Adhering to Six Senses Resort's reputed secret luxury concept, the hotel has created a paradise that fully integrates local culture without losing modern elegance through creative and spiritual artistic layout and space creation.

And at Six Senses Qingcheng Mountain

——Leave the story of Guangzhou Mingfeng and its overall ground team

Six Senses Qingcheng Mountain Resort is located at the entrance of the Qingcheng Mountains with winding paths, and is close to Dujiangyan Scenic Area, which is also rated as "World Heritage and Natural Cultural Site" by UNESCO.

Thousands of years of Chuanfu culture and Six Senses Hotel's consistent island style have merged here, creating a unique paradise, peerless and independent.

Six Senses Resort Qingcheng Mountain, sitting at the entrance of the Qingcheng Mountains with winding paths, gathers the spirit of the famous Taoist mountains in China.

The hotel has 111 independent suites. Among them, 76 Six Senses suites are semi-detached duplex villas, covering an area of ​​78 square meters, with extended landscape balconies inside, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the secluded green city without going out.

Each courtyard has four independent suites, sharing a central pavilion, enjoying the privacy and dignity of a private community.

The hotel is adhering to the concept of secret luxury that Six Senses Resort has been renowned for.

The courtyard-style architectural style provides a variety of accommodation options, whether it is a couple traveling together or family and friends gathering, it is equally comfortable and pleasant.

The original wooden beam walls and natural rattan lamps complement the modern Chinese furniture in gray-brown original shades.

In the scattered spaces, a natural, fresh, quiet and smart and comfortable space is created.

In addition, 3 garden villas and 2 pool villas, each containing two bedrooms and a large space of 238 square meters, provide customers with the most luxurious experience.

Kengo Kvma

——Design of Six Senses Hotel Qingcheng Mountain

An internationally renowned architect enjoys a high international reputation. The architecture integrates classical and modern styles. He has won the International Stone Building Award and the Natural Wood Building Spirit


The design style of the entire hotel follows the usual resort hotel style of Six Senses, using local characteristic building materials, such as logs and bamboo weaving.

The walls, floors, swimming pools and baths are all custom-made by the Guangzhou Mingfeng engineering and technical team, using the Maxtop natural rock color series as a whole floor.

The overall floor, pool and skirting line complement the log structure
The natural and rustic design style highlights the original ecological concept of the hotel
The pool backwater is filled with local pebbles
The semi-outdoor corridors have outstanding decorative and functional performance
Outdoor shower space creates a resort style of slow life

Unique texture

The delicate decorative particles are polished to create a unique texture. The matte surface not only requires dirt and seepage resistance, but also must be easy to care for, and beautiful and natural.


Wall/ground and special-shaped integrated technology

From the floor to the façade and then to the bathtub, the indoor toilet is seamlessly made by hand through the overall floor material.



The so-called details see the truth. Commercial projects are in the details. The engineers on the overall ground understand this. From confirming the design plan to the grassroots treatment, from material paving to fine polishing, they all show superior material technology and engineering skills. level.



Through special construction techniques, the special-shaped structure and the plane structure are integrated.



From the outdoor landscape to the guest room style, the concept and unique connotation of Six Senses Hotel are presented under the hand of the master.


Personality in the end

For any indoor space, the kitchen is a big challenge. The troubles caused by oil stains and smoke stains have never been underestimated. Guangzhou Mingfeng's integral ground impermeability system can easily deal with it.


Challenge details

Every detail of the cover of the bath and the interface of the shower, as well as the lighting and the hook, are derived from the full attention of the artisans of the overall ground engineering team of Guangzhou Mingfeng.


Be careful to verify

From the prototype to the completion of the project, the ground has to pass as many as 68 rigorous tests. Including a series of rigorous tests such as stain resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, heavy blow resistance, etc., from shoe polish to oil pen, from lipstick to red wine, from soy sauce to vinegar... there is almost nothing you can imagine exception. Guangzhou Mingfeng inorganic impermeable material has gone through the test again and again, showing its excellent effect perfectly.


Precise material selection-FREAZZO natural rock mining series

The particle size of the decorative filler is closely related to the effect. The selection of suitable aggregates is the guarantee for the texture. Maxtop offers more than 2000 choices with unlimited effects. Tailored according to the design style, every project goes all out to ensure the best results.

Super special leveling mortar
The grassroots is very important to the overall ground. The team technicians on the overall ground have more than 20 years of experience in grassroots treatment and use Guangzhou Mingfeng special mortar to successfully provide systematic solutions for multiple projects.

Super anti-pollution technology
The impermeability requirements of materials for swimming pools and bathtubs can be imagined. The sealing material uses Guangzhou Mingfeng special water-based materials to keep stains out of the door and keep it clean for a long time.

The wisdom and glory of the team
Behind every high-quality case, there is an excellent team. From material development and production to project implementation, many links are indispensable, unity and mutual assistance and efficient cooperation, so that the design works exceed expectations.

Behind the harsh details

Containing the unremitting efforts of the craftsmen, there are Guangzhou Mingfeng founder Mr. Yan Zhifeng’s persistence in engineering quality and the engineering director Mr. Lianbing’s pursuit of excellence, Dr. Maxtor Zhou’s precise control of material technology, and engineer Zhang Yunfa and his The unity and dedication of the artisan team has made Six Senses an excellent case that has won praise from every aspect. Special thanks to the project department of Henglong Decoration Zhisan Company for its strong support in this project. Only when all parties have bold innovation, sincere cooperation, joint research, and perfect transfer. Thank you, Mr. Li! ! !

Achieve creative value

Put various design concepts into realization and exceed expectations,

It is the value of Guangzhou Mingfeng's overall ground team to this end,

We spare no effort,

Only for-to achieve creative value!

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