Dyeing/transparency —-polished concrete floor system

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Dyeing/transparency —-polished concrete floor system

The nano-sized sealing curing agent is conducive to penetration and diffusion, can penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, and chemically react with the concrete, and is integrated with the concrete as a whole.
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Product Description

Polished concrete floor decoration is a new concept, which uses a simple indoor concrete floor decoration method. The concrete only needs to be polished manually or with equipment, or simply treated by machinery, with a transparent or dyeing concrete sealing curing agent, and then spraying the sealing protectant, through professional mechanical grinding and polishing, the color can be bright and clean. Beautiful, strong and wear-resistant concrete decorative floor, simple construction, labor-saving, material-saving and time-saving. Secondly, the use of dyes can directly draw colorful, changeable and complex patterns on the floor, bringing the concrete floor decoration technology and level to a new level.




Product parameter

Color: transparent, colored

Form: Liquid

Density: about 1.2g/cm3

Film formation: None

Burning point: none

Drying time: 2-4 hours


Penetration thickness: 2-5mm deep into concrete (depending on the condition of concrete base material)


Concrete floor requirements


Newly built or old cured concrete floor, building floor strength: concrete standard greater than C25, flatness 5mm/2m. (The flatness of the base layer has a direct impact on the surface appearance of the finished surface, and the flatness of the original base layer after the grinding and polishing is completed)


The old ground is required to be cleaned, washed, or polished to remove all stains, garbage, and old coverings.


The newly poured concrete floor must wait 28 days to fully mature before it can be colored; the transparent concrete sealing curing agent needs to be cured for 7-14 days after the new concrete.


Transparent concrete sealing curing agent can be used for indoor and outdoor floors; dyed floors can only be used indoors, not for outdoor use. There are special outdoor dyeing floors.


It is not suitable for concrete floors where the coating materials have not been completely polished or removed by chemical and physical methods. Floors that are too loose, sandy, too much stone, etc.



Application areas:

Suitable for concrete, concrete blocks, mortar, wear-resistant floors, gypsum, terrazzo, all exposed cement surfaces, new and old, rough or smooth cement-based product surfaces.


Industry and Manufacturing


Commercial and scientific research, medical institutions

Public area

Various processing and manufacturing plants

Parking lot

Commercial Building

Sidewalks, corridors

Warehouse Hangar Dining venue


Logistics Center Car 4S shop Shopping mall


Food and beverage factory Auto repair School building


Cotton Textile Factory


Sports gym

Receiving area

Sewage treatment plant


Stadium Reception room


Product features and advantages:

The nano-sized sealing curing agent is conducive to penetration and diffusion, can penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, and chemically react with the concrete, and is integrated with the concrete as a whole.

Effectively stabilize the concrete surface and prevent sanding. At the same time, ensure that the concrete reaches a certain strength early.

Sealing: It can seal stone, concrete and other materials to make them a solid entity to prevent penetration. Its affinity enables it to be deeply sealed, thus extending the life of concrete. It also makes the floor easier to clean and maintain.

Hardening: After using the sealing curing agent, the strength of concrete can be increased by about 30%. Improve the wear resistance of the ground. The floor has been used for a long time, and it will show a charming marble-like luster. Even the longer you use it, the better the look and feel.

Dustproof: Together with the concrete salt, it forms a part of the whole concrete, thus completely achieving the function of dustproof.

Imprints: Imprints from forklifts are a problem in most warehouses. Especially on surface aggregates such as acrylic, this phenomenon is more prominent. If the concrete is sealed and hardened as a whole, those marks will be few. And even if the mark appears, it can be easily removed (use a detergent containing high lemon ester).

Durability and low cost

Using nano sealing curing agent, the polished concrete floor is inherently strong and durable, and no other coating layer is needed. This kind of concrete floor is very durable and does not need to change the coating material periodically. Only simple, low-cost maintenance (mops, water washing, mild detergent) is required, no waxing, no chemical cleaning agents, and low metabolism is minimally affected by the environment. This kind of ground does not require excessive wet dust removal to remove residues, reducing the amount of pollutants to a minimum.


Product performance

Abrasion resistance: After using the concrete sealing hardener, the strength of the original base layer is increased by about 30%. (Depending on the strength of the original base concrete)

Friction coefficient: 21% for dry ground and 46.8% for wet ground.

Dustproof: 2 hours after treatment with concrete sealing curing agent, no dust will be generated.

Weathering resistance: Tests prove that there is no adverse effect from ultraviolet rays and water spray. It can effectively prevent chloride ions and effectively extend the life of concrete.

Compressive strength: increase by 13% after 7 days, increase by about 30% after 28 days, and increase with time.

Surface hardness: can effectively increase 20-40%.

Impact resistance: increased by 14%.








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Dyeing/transparency —-polished concrete floor system

The nano-sized sealing curing agent is conducive to penetration and diffusion, can penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, and chemically react with the concrete, and is integrated with the concrete as a whole.

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