Grinding Stone Series

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New creative grinding stone overall ground system (cast in place)

The whole ground of the new creative grindstone is made of special bonding materials, and selected various natural rock particles, mineral particles, a variety of shells, architectural glass and quartz sand as the grindstone aggregate filling aggregate. The thickness of 8-20mm can meet the requirements of the highest fashion trends, and the unique style is enduring. With its unique texture and environmental protection performance, it provides excellent functional guarantees for public spaces and commercial spaces.

Epoxy grinding stone

Inorganic Grinding Stone

Guangzhou Mingfeng Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. Over the past two decades, it has focused on the development and production of epoxy floor materials. It has won market recognition with high stability and high cost performance. It has many successful cases, such as the distribution center of Yunnan Yuxi Tobacco Factory and the launch of Jiuquan Satellite Center, Shenzhen Philips factory, etc. Provide professional construction supporting services from simple imitation of industrial floor products to independent innovation, from cross-border concrete dyeing to decoration of the overall ground. The material can be combined with a variety of decorative materials to adapt to different types of decorative styles.
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