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Mingfeng Building Materials Company was founded in



Fully transform the overall decorative floor



Influential dyeing project


Launched the market, Mingfeng has successively involved in many influential dyeing projects in China, including the first phase of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport logistics center and the second phase of floor renovation


Guangzhou Mingfeng invested special funds for product upgrades and started research and development of concrete dyed floor


Cross-border launch and improvement of commercial grindstone art floor, elastic floor, concrete anti-corrosion engineering and other related products and projects, and constantly improve construction supporting services

1. Have an independent construction team and many years of rich construction experience. Develop specialized and personalized customized ground plans from material manufacturing, design, and site construction integrated services.


2. Technological open backbone: Doctors in the United States and many years of senior engineers in the floor industry, the construction plan has been tested and adjusted by many senior technical engineers to ensure product stability, applicability, and optimization and rationality of the engineering plan.


3. Our partners

American Baritech, Italy Mapei, American Damet, British Poly


Guangzhou Mingfeng has been fully transformed into a professional platform with integrated decorative floors as the main body. In addition to retaining the original sales of conventional floor products, an integrated floor project department has been established to specialize in organic sandstone decorative floors, dyed grindstone decorative floors, inorganic and epoxy polishing Stone decorative ground

From simple imitation of industrial floor products to independent innovation,

From cross-border concrete staining to overall floor decoration

Well-deserved reputation, Feng Biao is extraordinary

Constantly challenge and create peaks


Well-deserved reputation, Feng Biao is extraordinary


Guangzhou Mingfeng Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. For 20 years, it has focused on the research and development and production of epoxy floor materials. It has won market recognition with high stability and high cost performance. It has many successful cases, such as Yunnan Yuxi Tobacco Factory Distribution Center, Jiuquan Satellite Launch center, Shenzhen Philips factory, etc. Provide professional construction supporting services from simple imitation of industrial floor products to independent innovation, from cross-border concrete dyeing to decoration of the overall ground. The material can be combined with a variety of decorative materials to adapt to different types of decorative styles.

MF Mingfeng spar integrated stone integrated wall/floor prefabricated board

Provide customization. Provide customers with integrated wall/ground customization, matching and selecting samples according to the preferences of designers and owners, to meet the individual needs of creativity, refinement, speed, and efficiency.