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New creative grinding stone overall ground system (cast in place)

The whole ground of the new creative grindstone is made of special bonding materials, and selected various natural rock particles, mineral particles, a variety of shells, architectural glass and quartz sand as the grindstone aggregate filling aggregate. The thickness of 8-20mm can meet the requirements of the highest fashion trends, and the unique style is enduring. With its unique texture and environmental protection performance, it provides excellent functional guarantees for public spaces and commercial spaces.

Three-dimensional sandstone ceramic blanket overall ground

Traditional floor coatings have single color and monotonous color effects, which cannot achieve colorful effects. The overall floor of the organic three-dimensional sandstone ceramic blanket has innovative cross-linked structural characteristics. The floating colored sand of different colors and the craft can show the texture of high-grade granite and the wonderful effect of the carpet.

Dyeing/transparency —-polished concrete floor system

The nano-sized sealing curing agent is conducive to penetration and diffusion, can penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, and chemically react with the concrete, and is integrated with the concrete as a whole.

Permeable pavement/slip pavement/compression mold art pavement

Permeable concrete floor is a road paving technology that is conducive to promoting water circulation, improving the urban ecological environment, and enhancing the water permeability of the road surface. Being a "sponge body" is an important technical measure in the construction of a national sponge city.

Parking garage floor system

The design principles of the epoxy floor of the parking lot are based on the situation of the parking lot, and the following considerations should be taken: 1. According to the use of ramps, lanes, and parking spaces, and the required anti-skid effect, reasonable design of each area. 2. The color matching of each area should be beautiful and coordinated.

Prefabricated panels for wall/floor

Scope of application: medical system, education system, specialty stores, museums, libraries, shopping malls and hotels, etc.

Industrial Floor System

The requirements of industrial floors are not exactly the same as those of ordinary floors. Industrial floors must meet the most typical and main requirements, that is, they can withstand vehicle traffic and have good wear resistance in terms of strong load capacity. Its dustproof , Wear resistance is the most important.

Waterborne polyurethane

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